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Marek Włodarczyk

Emigrated to Germany during state of war in 1981, where he embarked on a very successful theatrical acting career - he has performed in major theaters in such cities as Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. He moved on, taking up a job teaching aspiring actors in Berlin and Salzburg Fine Arts Universities. The main role of Lieutenant Adam Zawada in the Polish hit series Kryminalni (Homicide Unit) was at first a struggle as it made him commute between his home in Hamburg and the Warsaw filming locations, but it eventually made it easy for him to make the decision to move back to Poland for good.

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Oct 6, 1954 In Lódz
Всего фильмов:
Впервые появился:
В series Телефон полиции – 110 1971-06-27
Последний проект:
movie Ostatni klaps 2015-05-22
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